Role of women in providing virtual assistant services

Virtual assistant services have now become an industry in itself and a report by Gartner opines that about half of all online customer self-service search activities will take place by virtual assistants by 2015. A similar study carried on by Forrester found that about 1.4 million virtual agent conversations are taking place for businesses every day. Virtual assistants are now capable of taking in multiple roles that were never expected from a virtual assistant. The advancement in internet technologies is playing a key role in the growth virtual assistant services.

Human like virtual assistant are taking multiple roles on a website such as answering customer questions, performing various helpful tasks, and connecting to enterprise systems when needed. More and more women are entering into this industry as virtual assistants because this type of service is providing them the facility of working from home cum office. As per the view of experts, virtual assistant industry has become so popular because it is helping women to become entrepreneurs as well as to achieve a work/life balance. For women working as a virtual assistant it is providing them real time work experience from their home turfs without searching for jobs that require commuting on a daily basis.

Potential of temporary staffing agencies

Temporary staffing agencies through their temporary employment services are offering their client companies the services pertaining to temporary employees possessing specific skill sets as required by their client organizations. The temporary employees or workers provides a client company with the needed help during the peak demand periods, staff shortages, or during vacation of permanent or regular employees. Temporary staffing agencies are playing an important role by providing to their client companies with the needed staffing requirements during peak demand periods. Temporary staffing agencies have added 31,000 jobs during April -2013 as per the statistics released by the BLS current employment statistics for April-2013. Due to this, the industry has recovered all of the jobs lost during the recent economic recessions.

Employees forming the backbone of their respective organizations are proving to be one of the biggest assets as well their biggest expense. The rise in employment costs such as health care, taxes, insurance are rising, forcing companies to do more with less or in other words hiring the services of temporary workers or employees in place of permanent employees. The answer to such situations lies in hiring the services of temporary staffing agencies or firms who typically undertake hiring and firing decisions, issue paychecks, and make contributions for unemployment insurance, workers compensation and Social Security for the employees serving in the client’s places of business.

Role of virtual assistant services and their payment terms

Virtual assistant services like any other IT related services has now become one of the most sought after services that involves providing online administrative, secretarial, clerical support as well as creative or technical services for the clients. The virtual assistant service providers are independent contractors who work from remote locations usually from home cum office or independent offices and support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative and technical services. Organizations, entrepreneurs, individuals engaged in various businesses are availing the virtual assistant services.

A survey carried on by the Virtual from about 150 respondents between June and November-2012 paints an interesting picture of the market place in terms of what the potential clients are looking for when seeking virtual assistant services. The survey revealed that about 60% were after virtual support with “mini projects” such as online research, scheduling or travel planning. Another 28% sought some form of ongoing support either in their personal lives or for their businesses. About 5% of them needed the services of virtual assistants for carrying on one-time projects like designing logo or building a website. The balance 7% of respondents was not sure about the idea of hiring virtual assistant or completely sure about what kind of tasks they could outsource.

Basic tips for choosing a job interview coach

Interview Coach

Interview Coach

Job interviews opens up a passage to the desired job position or future career prospects of the candidates or job seekers. However, in a majority of job seekers, job interviews seem to be a hindrance for getting them the jobs they need. This attitude towards job interviews arises due to negative inhibitions about the job interviews and the interviewers on the subconscious mind of the job seekers. The word job interview leaves a jobseeker feeling anxious, nervous and a sense of fear for attending the job interviews. The minimal success rate in job interviews makes it an obvious reason for the novice and even experienced ones to become overwhelmed about the job interviews.

However, the good news is that one can ace job interviews successfully with the help of job interview coach. A job interview coach is the right person to guide the candidate through every imaginable aspect of job interview from choosing to wear right clothes to coaching the candidate about interview questions. A job interview coach is capable of preparing the candidate to expect unknown questions in advance and be ready for giving answers in a strong, confident and in a right way.

Choosing or hiring a right job interview coach is the first step towards succeeding in a job interviews. The concept of job interview coaches is unheard of some two decades back. However, with intense competition in the job market and fragile global economies, jobs are becoming a rare commodity with large number of qualified candidates chasing for few available jobs. Now hiring a job interview coach has become a necessity rather than a choice. Before hiring a job interview coach, a candidate must follow the basic three tips to choose a right person as job interview coach and these are:

Hire professional staffing services for your staff requirements

Staffing firms

Professional staffing services are those services that are provided by staffing agencies in the form of locating, identifying and evaluating skilled personnel with experience in sectors such as Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Construction, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Capital Goods and other sectors. The process usually involves selecting the professionals, who excel in meeting the specific needs of their client companies. Professional staffing services include recruitment of qualified professionals for full or part-time employment for industries across various sectors. There are hundreds of professional staffing agencies in the United States and majority of them are operating with annual revenues of less than $5 million.

The professional staffing services in the field of scientific research (that involves performing analytical scientific programs/research at various laboratories) is concerned with hiring, training and managing the employees of the staffing firm to perform scientific research programs at the site of the client organizations by using their quality systems. This innovative way of providing professional staffing model involves providing non-permanent, long-term and cost effective way to meet the client organizations’ scientific staffing needs that complies with co-employment laws.

Current trends on Temporary staffing Services

Temporary staffing servicesare now the most sought after staffing services due to the economic downturn as result of global

temporary staffing services

temporary staffing services

recession and unemployment hovering at double-digit levels in both developed and developing economies. According to a research conducted by the Boston Consulting and Eurociett (European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies- Adapting to Change”) Report, about 74% of employers would not have created job opportunity had it not been for the access to the services being provided by temporary staffing agencies. The study reported that only 26% would have created a full-time job in its organizational structure.

Temporary employment as feared is actually a supplement of full-time employment in case of temporary increase of the need for implementation of a new project or an additional service. Temporary employment allows entrepreneurs to quickly adapt to the scale of employment to the variable market demands. Temporary employment provides the workers to be employed for short periods of time that in turn allows the implementation of additional tasks without the need of increasing the number of permanent job positions. Temporary staffing is also the perfect way of checking the employees’ skills before hiring them on permanent employment basis, which is presently being practiced by approximately 20% of employers.

The staffing industry analysts opines that the temporary staffing market will exceed its’ historical high in 2013 as employers continue to bring on greater number of contract workers. The annual survey and forecast of Staffing Industry Analysts also predicts temporary hires across all the sectors of industries will reach to 106% of their historical high during 2013. Some of the sectors may also clock above their averages.

The demand for temporary talent in the Professional/Specialty skill sets are at historic high levels during 2012. Some sectors are predicted to record below their historical levels during 2013. The main sectors to see the downward trends include the Office/Clerical, travel and nurse sectors that are expected to grow far less rapidly than temporary staffing as a whole. The five main reasons for using temporary staffing services include the following factors:

Look out for qualities of a job interview coach before hiring

Job interviews are the toughest tasks to crack down to get the desired job position by the job seekers. Therefore, success in job

job interview coach

job interview coach

interviews requires the knowledge of job interview skills that are now being provided like any other subject by job interview coaches who are experts or rather professionals in the field of job interview coaching. Job interview coaching services are now in huge demand due to tough competition across various job sectors for recruiting employees who would prove to be an asset to companies and helping them in their growth. However, the big question that remains to be tweaked by a candidate desirous of getting the job is to succeed in the job interview and for this he or she needs to hire a job interview coach.  

Choosing a good job interview coach requires investigating the qualities of the concerned job interview coach before hiring him or her for providing their services to the candidate or job seeker. A job interview coach for a job seeker is like an amalgamation of a guide, philosopher and teacher who looks that each candidate coached by him or her lands the perfect job within a certain period as per the concerned candidates’ educational qualifications, experience and attitude. There are certain qualities and experience that must be thoroughly investigated by the candidates before opting to hire a job interview coach and these are:

Grounds for hiring virtual assistant services

Virtual assistant in normal parlance is an independent contractor or entrepreneur providing technical, administrative, functional Virtual Assistantor creative assistance services by using the latest electronic and technological gadgets such as fax, phone, and internet technologies. Hiring virtual assistant is now a necessity rather than a demand due to fast-paced business activities. The main cause of hiring a virtual assistant is cost reduction to the client in the form of office infrastructure, saving in hiring employee-hiring costs, other fixed, and variable costs needed for running a business organization.

Office space forms one of the major costs for any organization that takes away about sixty to seventy percent of the budget. Using the services of virtual assistants reduces this burden from the shoulders of the entrepreneur or organisation running their businesses. The other reasons for hiring a virtual assistant are:

1. Competitiveness is enhanced: Hiring virtual assistants eliminates the need for recruiting candidates as employees for doing the specific tasks. Recruitment costs are increasing day by day with the rise in living costs and the organizations are required to consider the social security costs of their employees. Virtual assistants come at a much cheaper price than the budget allocated to the employee benefits. Moreover, elimination of recruitment procedure for the specific job being delegated to the virtual assistants saves lot of time and business expenditure in the form of medical allowance, salaries, gratuity and other benefits needed to be provided on the recruitment of candidates as employees.

Hiring Overseas Virtual Assistants can benefit your Business Hugely

Virtual Assistants

With the concept of home based works taking firm roots in the job market, the demand for virtual assistants is on the rise. However, the demand for virtual assistants in third world countries far exceed the demand for such home based workers at home. This leads us to the question how reliable can overseas assistants be? Is it wise to hire somebody when you have a nearby worker who can meet you and brief you regularly?

To put all fears to rest, it can safely be said that assistants working in remote locations can be as good, if not better workers, than home based ones. After all, there has to be some reason for the rise in demand for virtual assistants based in third world countries. Does it make sense to hire a good worker at a higher cost when you are likely to get a better one for almost half the price? The answer invariably is an emphatic no. Every business, whether big or small, would like to save money at any cost. And the savings do not come at the cost of quality. On the contrary, the quality of work is at times exceeds expectations.

Looking for workers based in far off countries, will leave you spoilt for a choice. The more choices you have, the better will be your chances of finding the person you have been looking for. When you get competent persons at a lesser cost, your business can only take a turn for the better. When it comes to a question of trust, there is little reason to fear. Virtual assistants in far off countries are like any other hard working professionals. Performance matters to them the most, because being located in a remote country they need to prove their worth, with every assigned task lest they lose their contract.

The role of temporary staffing agencies in the United States

Temporary staffing services can be defined in simple terms as those services that are rendered by staffing agencies to their clients in the form of temporary employees possessing specific skill sets. This arrangement provides the client company to get on with peak demand periods or staff shortages occurring due to vacation of regular or permanent employees without requiring the time, expense of hiring permanent employees.

A large temporary staffing agency or firm may bring in any number of temporaries to work during days, nights, weekends or holidays to perform not only low skill tasks but also handling         in specific, time-sensitive and highly skilled projects. The role of temporary staffing firms is quite vital for the U.S economy as they are providing employment flexibility for workers and just-in-time labor for businesses. During the year-2007, the temporary staffing firms have employed about three million people on an average and about 11.4 million over the course of the year.

The advantages of hiring temporary workers or employees is well recognized by the businesses, workers, economists and policy makers in the United States as growing number of temporary employees are highly paid and highly skilled employees. These employees are working as technical, computer, and health care workers. The preference of candidates towards temporary employment option is due to its’ flexibility, independence and sometimes higher pay scales.  In a staffing poll conducted by the American Staffing Association or ASA, nine out of ten businesses opined temporary staffing agencies are offering flexibility to their businesses so that they can keep fully staffed during their busy periods. Besides flexibility, these companies/businesses also look to temporary staffing agencies as a good source of talent for hiring permanent employees.

Temporary employment is leading jobs indicator. As per the data provided by American Staffing Association or ASA and the Department of Labor, shows that when temporary jobs begin to decline, employment in general may be headed for a downturn. Quite opposite are the trends, when during recovery process, temporary jobs lead the way. Therefore, the role of temporary staffing agencies in providing employment opportunity to candidates as temporary employees is growing manifold. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, temporary staffing agencies are investing millions of dollars each year in training their temporary employees and these expenditures has grown dramatically.